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High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal

Good quality  Slurry Pump for sales
Good quality  Slurry Pump for sales
Customer Reviews
We use slurry pump and parts from this comany since 2009 ,and we have very good cooperation for high quality of products and excellent after-sales service

—— Manju

We are in sugar making industry and we use shiza brand 3/2 size and 4/3 size rubber liner pump , and this is our first time to use this kind pump to transfer our sugar slurry , and shows good performance and durable use . good !!

—— Mandy

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High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal

China High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal supplier

Large Image :  High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SHIZA
Certification: ISO/CE
Model Number: 6 / 4 D -

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Plywood Crate
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 300 Sets per Month
Detailed Product Description
Material: High Chrome Alloy A05,A49 Usage: Metallurgical,Coal
Fuel: Diesel Or Electric Duty Type: Heavy Duty
Transmission Type: CV/ZVZ/DCZ/CR Power: 60kw
High Light:

high density solids pump


sand slurry pump

60 Kw High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Pump For Metallurgical,Coal​


Main introduction of slurry pump


The basic structure of the 6 / 4 D - slurry pump is composed of six parts: impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring and stuffing box.
1. The impeller is the core part. It has a high speed and a large force. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass the static balance test before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth to reduce the frictional loss of water flow.
2, the pump body is also called the pump casing, it is the main body of the pump. It acts as a support and is attached to the bracket on which the bearing is mounted.
3. The function of the pump shaft is to connect the coupling to the motor and transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main component that transmits mechanical energy.
4. The bearing is a member that supports the pump shaft on the pump shaft, and has two kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings use butter as a lubricant to refuel properly. Generally 2/3 ~ 3 / 4 of the volume will be too much heat, too little and there is noise and heat! The plain bearing uses a transparent oil as a lubricant and refuels to the oil line. Too much oil will ooze along the pump shaft and float, too few bearings will overheat and burn out! During the operation of the pump, the temperature of the bearing is at most 85 degrees and generally runs at about 60 degrees. If it is high, it is necessary to find the cause (whether there are impurities, whether the oil is black or not, whether it is water) and deal with it in time!
5, the seal ring is also known as the leak reduction ring. The gap between the impeller inlet and the pump casing is too large, so that the water in the high pressure zone of the pump flows to the low pressure zone through the gap, which affects the water output of the slurry pump and reduces the efficiency! Too small a gap will cause friction between the impeller and the pump casing. In order to increase the backflow resistance and reduce the internal leakage, and delay the service life of the impeller and the pump casing, a sealing ring is installed at the inner edge of the pump casing and the outer joint of the impeller, and the sealing gap is preferably maintained between 0.25 and 1.10 mm.
6. The stuffing box is mainly composed of packing, water sealing ring, packing tube, packing gland and water sealing tube. The function of the stuffing box is mainly to close the gap between the pump casing and the pump shaft, so that the water flow in the pump does not flow to the outside and the outside air does not enter the pump. Always keep the vacuum inside the pump! When the pump shaft and the packing friction generate heat, the water seals the water to the water seal ring to cool the packing! Keep the pump running properly. Therefore, it is especially important to check the stuffing box during the running inspection of the pump! The packing should be replaced after about 600 hours of operation.


Model meaning 


6 / 4 D - (R)


6------------Suction diameter(Inch)


4------------Discharge diameter(Inch)


D------------Support type


---------- Pump Model


R-------------Natural Rubber




Pump Model 6 / 4 D -
Allowable Max.Power 60 kw
Capacity 162 - 360 m³/h
Head 12 - 56 m
Speed 800 - 1550 r/min
Meax.Eff. 65%
NPSH 5 - 8 m
Impeller Diameter 365 mm




1). Cantilever, horizontal Slurry discharging pump

2). Excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency, and low wear rate

3). Better wear-resistance and corrosive resistance

4). Frame plate for type pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or rubber liners. The impellers are made of wear-resistant metal or rubber

5). In allowable pressure range, it can be used in series in stages, and allowable maximum working pressure is 3.6Mpa.

6). Centrifugal seal, mechanical seal and packing seal are available .

7). The discharge branch can be positioned at interval of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications.


Typical Applications:


Ash Handling

Cyclone Feeds

Pulp and Paper

Abrasive Slurries

Coal Preparation

Mineral Processing

Aggregate Processing




The quality of the pump installation has an important impact on the operation and life of the pump, so installation and calibration must be done carefully. The shape and installation dimensions of the pump.

1. Installation and calibration:
1) Remove greasy and dirt from the base and place the base on the foundation.
2) Check the level of the base with a spirit level, allowing the wedge to be leveled.
3) Water the base and anchor bolt holes with cement.
4) After the cement is dry, check whether the holes of the base and anchor bolts are loose. After proper fitting, tighten the anchor bolts and check the level.
5) Clean the support plane of the base, the pump foot and the plane of the motor foot, and install the water recording and motor on the base.
6) A certain gap should be maintained between the couplings. Check whether the center line of the pump shaft and the motor shaft are consistent. Use a thin gasket to adjust it to be concentric.
Measuring the outer and outer sides of the coupling, the difference between the left and right shall not exceed 0.1 mm, and the maximum and minimum difference between the end faces of the two couplings shall not exceed 0.3 (mm).
2, installation instructions:
1) The installation height of the pump, the length of the pipeline, the diameter and the flow rate should be calculated in accordance with the calculation, and strive to reduce unnecessary losses.
2) When transporting long distances, take a larger diameter. The pipeline of the pump should have its own support. The weight of the unsupported pipeline should be added to the pump to avoid crushing the pump.
3) If the discharge line is installed with a check valve, it should be installed outside the gate valve.


Construction Design


High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal


Shaft Seal Module Design


High Concentration Centirfugal Sand Slurry Pump 60 Kw For Metallurgical , Coal


Performance table


(KW) m3/h L/s (m) n(r/min) (%) (m)   (mm)
1.5/B- 15 M M 12.6-28.8 3.5-8 6-68 1200-3800 40 2--4 5 152
RU RU 10.8-25.2 3--7 7-52 1400-3400 30 3
1/1.5B- 15 M M 16.2-34.2 4.5-9.5 25-92 1400-2200 20 2-5.5 5 330
2/1.5B- 15 M M 32.4-72 9--20 6-58 1200-3200 45 3.5-8 5 184
RU RU 25.2-54 7--15 5.5--41 1000-2600 50 2.5-5 5 178
3/2C- 30 M M 39.6-86.4 11--24 12-64 1300-2700 55 4--6 5 214
RU RU 36-75.6 10--21 13-46 1300-2300 60 2--4 5 213
3/2D-HH 60 M M 68.4-136.8 19-38 25-87 850-1400 47 3-7.5 5 457
4/3C- 30 M M 86.4-198 24-55 9-52 1000-2200 71 4--6 5 245
RU RU 79.2-180 22-50 5-34.5 800-1800 59 3--5
4/3E-HH 120 M M 126-252 35-70 12-97 600-1400 50 2--5 5 508
6/D- 60 M M 162-360 40-100 12-56 800-1550 65 5--8 5 365
RU RU 144-324 40-90 12-45 800-1350 65 3--5 5 365
6/4S-HH 560 M M 324-720 90-200 30-118 600-1000 64 3--8 5 711
6S-HH 560 M M 468-1008 130-280 20-94 500-1000 65 4--12 5 711
8/6E- 300 M M 360-828 100-230 10-61 500-1140 72 2--9 5 510
RU RU 324-720 90-200 7-49 400-1000 65 5--10 5 510
10/8E-M 120 M M 666-1440 185-400 14-60 600-1100 73 4--10 5 549
10/8ST- 560 M M 612-1368 170-380 11-61 400-850 71 4--10 5 686
RU RU 540-1118 150-330 12-50 400-750 75 4--12
12/10ST- 560 M M 936-1980 260-550 7-68 300-800 82 6 5 762
RU RU 720-1620 200-450 7-45 300-650 80 2.5-7.5  
14/12ST- 560 M M 1260-2772 350-770 13-63 300-600 77 3--08 5 965
RU RU 1152-2520 320-700 13-44 300-500 79 3--10  
16/14TU- 1200 M M 1368-3060 380-850 11-63 250-550 79 4--10 5 1067
20/18TU- 1200 M M 2520-5400 700-1500 13-57 200-400 85 5--10 5 1370

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