Chemical High Pressure Desulfurization Pump TL(R) For Power Plant Caustic Liquid

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SHIZA
Certification: ISO9001 / CE
Model Number: 1000X - TL ( R )
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Plywood Crate
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30 Sets Per Month

Chemical High Pressure Desulfurization Pump TL(R) For Power Plant Caustic Liquid




1. The distinct characteristic of our FGD engineering pump is double - casing and rubber lined

     technology. Double - casing structure refers that the pump body is divided into outer pump shell and

     inner lining. The former bears pressure and insulates slurry. The latter contact abrasive and corrosive

      slurry. We only need to replace the worn out inner liner.


2. FGD engineering pump is mainly used to transport limestone and gypusm slurry. This requires the wet    part performance will not only in anti - abrasive but also in anti - corrosive. Therefore, the wet parts (   such as impeller , volute liner and frame plate insert, etc . )  adopt A49 combined with rubber material .    The engineering practice shows that  the service life of components made by ours is triple or even

      higher than the traditional Cr30A product or duplex stainless steel pump.




1. Our company developed a kind of new material duples phase stainless white iron (A49) on FGD device


2. Specially . The material has anti-corrosive property of duplex stainless steel and anti-abrasive property    of high chrome white iron so that it has remarkable anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive property in FGD      process


3. Pump casing ,pump cover and adaptor plate are bearing pressure parts which are made of ductile iron

   Rubber lined pump :impeller ,suction cover/front liner insert are made of duplex phase stainless white

   iron .

4. Front liner ,back liner ,back liner insert material is natural rubber which has good anti-corrosive

   property with light weight ,low cost .


5. Material lined pump ,impeller ,volute ,liner , throatbushing ,frame plate liner insert are made of duplex

    stainless white iron ,suction cover is made of ductile iron with rubber stuck .




Fuel gas Desulphurization Pump/FGD system Pump

TDT series axial inhalation single stage single suction centrifugal desulphurization pump can be widely

used to deliver limestone or gypsum grout for fas desulphurization systems of heat-engine plants,

aluminium manufacturers and oil refines. In the grout , the acceptable content of chlorine ion is

60000ppm ,and the acceotable Ph value is between 2.5-13 .


Performance Parameters


Pump Model 1000X - TL ( R)
Capacity  10440 m³ / H
Head H 15m
Speed 485r / min
Max. eff.  89 %
NPSH 7.0m
Outlet DIa / Inlet Dia 1000/1200 mm


Technical Characteristics
1 The wearing parts adopted with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) so as to designed
reliability and high efficiency.
2 The position of the impeller can be changed by adjusting bearing assembly and the pump
unit can be in efficiency operation state.
3 Pump is back disassembly type and needn’t dismantle the pipe connection so as to ensure
structure is simple and easy to maintain.
4 Pump head use double rows taper roller bearings and drive end use cylindrical roller bearings,
bearings are lubricated with recycled dilute oil, improved the bearing working condition and
increased service life.
5 Mechanical seal adopted with containers type mechanical seal to ensure reliable running.
6 It is easy to maintain and repair and it is no need dismantling inlet and outlet water pipes.


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