AH / AHR Hard Metal Slurry Pump Parts , OEM Water Pump Impeller Replacement A05

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SHIZA
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 8/6E-AH
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: based on quantity
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 15days
Supply Ability: 200sets monthly

AH / AHR Hard Metal Slurry Pump Parts , OEM Water Pump Impeller Replacement A05

1. SHIZA brand slurry pump spare parts are made of high chromium alloy A05 which has superior wear

    and corrosive resistance as well as rubber liners parts made of high qualitity natrual rubber to

    transport  the medium with light abrasion and non-sharp solids liquid and have small corrosive liquid.

2. We do non-standard chrome allory material or rubber parts OEM . 


The Chrome alloy long service life centrifugal casting slurry water pump part adapt to pumps, which are widely used in transport water or slurry with strong corrosive proof and high concentration for many industries such as metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power, building materials and other industry.

Rubber: Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Polychloroprene
Metal: (High) Chromium Alloy,Nodular Case Iron, Ductile Gray Iron, and Stainless Steel(ss314.ss316)


AH(R) L(R), M HH SP(R) G AF Series
1.5/1B-AH(R) 20A-L 1.5/1 C-HH 40PV-SP(R) 6/4D-G 2QV-AF
2/1.5B-AH(R) 50B-L(R) 3/2D-HH 65QV-SP(R) 8/6E-G 3QV-AF
3/2C-AH(R) 75C-L 4/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) 10/8F-G 6SV-AF
4/3C-AH(R) 100 D-L 4/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) 10/8S-G 8SV-AF
6/4D-AH(R) 150E-L 6/4F-HH 200SV-SP 12/10G-G  
6/4E-AH(R) 300S-L 6/4X-HH 250TV-SP 14/12G-G  
8/6E-AH(R) 350S-L 6S-H   14/12T-G  
8/6R-AH(R) 400ST-L 8/6S-H   16/14 G-G  
10/8F-AH(R) 450ST-L 8/6X-H   16/14TU-GH  
10/8X-AH(R) 10/8 E-M 6S-HP   16/14H-GH  
12/10ST-AH(R) 10/8 R-M 8/6S-HP   18/16G-G  
14/12ST-AH(R)   8/6X-HP   18/16TU-GH  


Warma slurry pump parts code:

-tell me the standard code no .we can quote you price immediately :


B1013, B15013, C2013, D3013, E4013, F6013, G8013, G10013, G12013, H14013, AL2013, BL5013,

EL15013, F8013, DH2013, EH3013, EG86013, ESH4013, FH4013, FG108013, FSH6013, GG10013,

GG1412292, GGH10292, EP4013, SL30013, FH6013, FHP6013, FG108013, GSH10013XM...


Pump replaced parts material:


1)  Material: D21, G01, A05...

2) Shaft material: 45#, 40Cr, SS304, SS315...

3) Shaft sleeve material: 3Cr13, 4Cr13, SS304, SS316...

4) Lantern ring material: 304, 316, PTFE, Cu...

5) Bearing housing/ bearing end cover material: G01, D21...

6) Wet end part material: A05, A07, A49, A51, A33, A61, R08, R26, R33, R38, R55, S01, S12, S21, S42,  

     S50, U01, EPDM, PU, CR...


Spare parts materials


NO. Name code Regular material Alternational materials
1 Impeller   A05(Cr27) A49,Rubber,304,316
2 Throatbush 083 A05(Cr27) A49,Rubber,304,316
3 Frame plate liner insert 041 A05(Cr27) A49,Rubber,304,316
4 Volute liner 110 A05(Cr27) A49,Rubber,304,316
5 Expeller ring 029 Cast iron A49,Rubber,304,316
6 Expeller 028 Cast iron A49,Rubber,304,316
7 Cover plate liner 018 Rubber  
8 Frame plate liner 036 Rubber  
9 Frame plate 032 Cast iron Ductile cast iron
10 Cover plate 013 Cast iron Ductile cast iron
11 Base 003 Cast iron Ductile cast iron
12 005   Assorted  



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